Coming Soon: Product Review: PowerUSB

Hello viewers! I will be doing a Product review on PowerUSB's Basic, Digital I/O, Watching, & Smart models soon!

PowerUSB is a subsidiary of iMetrix technology (who specialize in industrial automation). PowerUSB makes power strips that you can connect to your computer via USB. You can control appliances and/or lights. These power strips can help you conserve power by only powering devices only when needed. These power strips also have a power consumption measurement function, with built in current sensing. Their customers include Apple, Intel, NASA, etc. (

They are giving me all four of their products from their current line! Keep Checking my page for updates on the review. I will post pictures and videos for the review and possibly do a tear-down!

These are all the products they offer and also the ones that I will be reviewing:

PowerUSB – Basic
The PowerUSB is designed to be used with computer to control power to peripheral electronics. The power strip has four outlets out of which one is always on and can be used to power computer. The other three outlets can be controlled through software to power on external devices.
PowerUSB – Digital IO
The PowerUSB – Digital IO provides an integrated power control and digital IO interface in a compact and cost effective form of a power strip. It is a general purpose industrial controller that can control power and signals..
PowerUSB: Watchdog
The Watchdog version, PowerUSB, can be used to monitor the attached computer to be up and functioning all the time. The servers and other remote computers need to have 100% uptime. When remote computers hang up, detecting and sending support staff to reset these computers could be expensive task.
PowerUSB – Smart
The smart model of PowerUSB is a standalone model that can be programmed using a computer. Once programmed, the device can be used independent of the computer. The smart model will have a reset switch that toggles the unit to three modes of operation.

Here are the basic Specs:

  • Four Outlets. One always on and Three controlled through USB interface
  • 100-250V AC. 15A Total
  • Always-On Outlet 6A Load
  • 2 Controlled Electro-Mechanical Relay outlet 4A Load
  • 1 Controlled Solid State Relay outlet 2A Load
  • 6’ Power Cable
  • 6’ USB data cable
  • Current sensing and measurement with resolution of 100 milliamps
  • Fused reset switch for overload protection
  • Software based current sensing monitor for instant overload protection
  • Dimension 9.25” L x 3.54” W x 2” H (235mm L, 90mm D, 50mm H)
  • Software Features:
    • Windows, Linux and Macintosh support
    • Customizable Global hot keys to switch on the power outlets
    • Monitor Router for hang-up