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Lab Updates

Lab Updates: Test Equipment Acquisitions, and new tools. 2022 overall and 2023 so far have been very great for the Hong's Electronics Hardware Lab.  A highlight of this period was my trip to the Orlando Hamcation in February 2022, where I managed to acquire some amazing deals. Most notably, I was able to purchase the Signal Hound BB60C Real-time Spectrum Analyzer , which has recently seen its MSRP creep up towards $4,000, for the incredible price of $400. I also picked up the Signal Hound USB-TG124A Tracking Generator for just $200, despite its MSRP of $1,585. The significance of this acquisition lies not only in the great deals I got, but also in the fact that the BB60C is a spectrum analyzer that I am already familiar with from my current and previous full-time job, and I have extensive experience using its software and powerful analysis tools. ( Spike Software ) Also, pictured above, is the next acquisition I got in 2022, The Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ 03B RF Signal Generator . 

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