FIRST Robotics, Shirts, HAM Radio, College Applications, the PowerUSB review is coming!!


Hello to my followers and viewers! It has been 3 months since I posted anything and I have been really busy.  As many of you might know, I am a senior in high school and this means that yes, I have been busy because of the college application process, exams, and FIRST Robotics competition. (By the way check out

Before the huge wave of work crashed upon me 3 months ago, I set up an Online merchandise store! ( Please support me and my page and a small portion of the purchase goes directly to my college fund! So if you want buy those awesome shirts on that website! I think right now the website is offering free shipping so hurry  and get some awesome shirts that you can tell your friends and family about!!

Also I acquired a FCC Amateur Radio License. Yes, this means this page is also going to have HAM RADIO equipment and a lot more signal processing stuff!!!! My Call sign is KD8TUO.

So far I have gotten accepted to Wright State, they are an ABET accredited institution. It is looking like I will most likely go to that school because tuition is under $10,000 and you don't have Live on Campus for the first year! They have a lot of undergraduate research opportunities and they are right next door to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base! Dayton Hamfest which is the biggest Ham Radio Festival in the World calls Dayton home and my favorite electronic surplus warehouse, Mendleson's electrical, is in downtown Dayton. Although, Wright State lacks many of the opportunities that Case Western Reserve offers, they have the ABET accreditation. I would like to make a Shout-out to Professor Sears at Case Western and say that I have applied to Case and I hope that I get accepted, and hopefully get some scholarship money! Here is there Electrical Engineering Website: