Review: Analog Parts Kit by Digilent


The Analog Parts kit by Digilent and Analog Devices is an assortment of basic components (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, LEDs, Diodes, Transistors.. etc) and includes a nice selection of Integrated circuits and Sensors by Analog Devices. 

The kit also includes a 630 jumper wires, a breadboard and a flat head screw driver for the trimmer potentiometers.

Integrated Circuits and Sensors:

A majority of the ICs in this kit are nice operational amplifiers (op-amps).

I really like the assortment of sensors in his kit which notability includes a Accelerometer.   


Comes with common value resistor, capacitor,& inductors. LEDs, Transistors, & Diodes. Jumper wires and a breadboard! 

When this kit is bundled with an Analog Discovery (Which I have reviewed) you save $20 off the kit! 


I think that this is one of the best component kits I have ever had, because it has really great analog ICs from Analog Devices, basic components, sensors, and a breadboard. When this is bundled with The Analog Discovery, it makes a winning combination by allowing you to assemble and experiment with some nice components. I would not recommend this parts kit to the beginner, but I would recommend it to a Novice in electronics and EE students, who have a more knowledge on how Op-Amp circuits work and more knowledge on sensors. I think that this is also a nice kit for the seasoned Arduino hobbyist/user.


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