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Forrest M. Mims III
On a cold winter evening in early February of 2011, I convinced my mother to take me to the local Radio Shack to purchase two specific items that I had spent a few days researching. Hard to believe that I can trace the start of my hobby and career to a specific date. Those two items were the Getting Started in Electronics book and Radioshack Electronics Learning Lab. Both of these items were authored/created by Forrest M. Mims III. Like thousands of other engineers and hobbyists I can attribute the launch of my career to Forrest Mims.

Star Simpson
Fast forward to 2016; Star Simpson recreated 3 of Mims' iconic circuits that were documented in his Various Engineer's Notebooks, by turning them into beautiful PCBs with Mims' hand drawn circuit diagrams and descriptions silk-screened onto the board.

"Forrest M. Mims III is a trusted name in the electronics world for good reason: his charming and engaging texts have drawn millions of people into the world of electronics for the first time. I have brought three of those hand-drawn circuits projects to life by creating an exquisitely designed series of finely crafted and highly detailed boards. These are the Circuit Classics. They make a great gift for a first-time learner, an expert tinkerer, or even just as a fun conversation piece for your desk." - Star Simpson

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Circuit Classics by Star Simpson (

The Kits

The Stepped Tone Generator (a.k.a The Atari Punk Console)

Dual LED Flasher

Bargraph Voltage Indicator


I think that the kit is wonderfully crafted and in my opinion definitely worth the price. Especially since these circuits have had such an impact on me. Each kit separately is $39, but if you buy all three bundled it is $99 (Save $18) + Free US Shipping/$10-$20 Worldwide shipping. It's a great gift for beginners who are getting started in electronics, and for engineers who started with Forrest's books it is a great collectible item to display on shelf with your reference books!

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