Hamvention 2019 (Updated in 2020)


Unfortunately due to the committee chair lying to me about sending me emails on whether or not I was going to volunteer in 2019, which resulted in me not being able to volunteer and forced me to buy a Hamvention ticket. I have decided going forward that I will no longer be volunteering for Hamvention until I receive a formal apology from the Youth Tech committee chair.

Original article:

Hamvention 2019 is this week!

Once again this year, I will be volunteering with the Youth Tech committee and helping kids out with soldering awesome DIY electronics kits! This of course is at the biggest gathering of amateur radio enthusiasts in the world!

Here is an actual picture of me last year helping out:

Also, I will be representing Sparkfun Electronics and hopefully will be able to talk with any Hams interested in implementing Sparkfun products into their projects!