Tektronix TDS7104: A follow-up

Happy New Year!

In my quest for an answer about the original MSRP of the Tektronix TDS7104, I embarked on a deep dive into the internet. It's fascinating how certain pieces of information, despite the vastness of the web, can remain elusive. Tekwiki, a go-to resource for such inquiries, didn't have the information I needed. It had details on the vintage 7104 mainframe scope from 1978 and some of the TDS5000 Series scopes, but nothing on the more recent TDS7104.

Determined to find an answer, I turned to Google, searching for test equipment distributor catalogs. This search led me to YUMPU, a PDF hosting website. While initially skeptical of its legitimacy, I discovered that it hosted a catalog from 2003 by Metric Test (became Microlease, and now ElectroRent), which turned out to be a gold mine of information.

I also found a nice advertisement for the TDS7000 series:

So prices... Here are the prices for the scope, and then the options, also a picture of what's loaded on my TDS7104:

The answer to my question is: $55,529 (TDS7104 + Options)

I think my reaction was best summed up by the TDS5000 Series ad in the 2004 Catalog: