Who Is Jeremy Hong?

From my LinkedIn About section:

"As an enthusiastic and enterprising electronic systems engineer, I possess a diverse range of skillsets that span from hardware design to reverse engineering. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to have hands-on experience with hardware, spending a significant amount of time in the lab taking apart hardware for reverse engineering or bringing up boards, including an ASIC, for the first time. For this reason, I am seeking opportunities that involve interaction with hardware and lab access, rather than software engineering or full-time desk jobs that do not offer this. My expertise lies in turning abstract ideas into hardware, managing everything from circuit design and schematic capture to board layout, assembly, soldering, bring-up, debugging, test, checkout, and even some firmware development. I have extensive experience in BGA soldering, and I am skilled at hand-soldering components as small as 008004. I take pride in my work and am confident that my skills and passion for hardware design will make me a valuable asset to any team.

In my free time, I am deeply immersed in DIY/Maker electronics, amateur radio, and continuously learning about new technology. I am always seeking opportunities to acquire new hardware and stay ahead of my peers by anticipating future trends and developments. These pursuits are not just hobbies, but a passion that fuels my drive to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

I have invested in a significant amount of professional-grade RF and electronics test equipment for personal use. Some notable examples include a Keysight oscilloscope, Rohde & Schwarz RF signal generator, Signal Hound spectrum analyzer and signal generator, HP vector network analyzer, and more. These high-quality tools allow me to conduct precise measurements and analysis, which are essential in my work and personal projects."


A decade into his professional engineering career, Jeremy Hong has made a name for himself as a highly skilled electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator. After attending Wright State University, Jeremy has always had a passion for electronics and a knack for creativity. He gained attention early in his career for designing digital sunglasses with colorful LED lights that danced to music, landing him on the cover of the University of Pennsylvania's engineering magazine.

Over the years, Jeremy's accomplishments have grown exponentially. From his childhood in Dublin, Ohio, where he developed a love for Legos and eventually led his high school's robotics team, Jeremy's interests in electrical engineering have only intensified. Inspired by Tony Stark's character in "Iron Man," Jeremy pursued a career in engineering that has taken him to remarkable heights.

During his time at Wright State University, Jeremy honed his skills by working as a lab assistant and consultant for the Department of Electrical Engineering. He also completed various internships at The Ohio State University, AFRL, SNC, and D'Angelo Technologies working on different and interesting engineering challenges. 

AFRL Discovery Lab Internship 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtrMmmG2drY

Jeremy's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Hong's Electronics, a company that resells hobby kits and refurbished electronic testing equipment to engineers and hobbyists. 

Ten years into his professional career, Jeremy has gained experience in defense and aerospace electronics, showcasing his versatility and ambition as an electrical engineer. He continues to manage Hong's Electronics while exploring new opportunities within the engineering field.

Jeremy attributes much of his success to the opportunities and support he received from Wright State University, which he describes as the perfect place for engineering students. As he continues to excel in his professional life, Jeremy Hong remains a shining example of a passionate, dedicated, and innovative electrical engineer.


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