My Electronics bench / Lab

Hong's Electronics (Fairborn, OH) R&D laboratory 2020:

The Hong's Electronics lab is fully furnished

Test Equipment list (In picture):

HP 8753C 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer
HP 8562A 22 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
RIGOL 1054Z (Upgraded 100 MHz) oscilloscope
RIGOL DM3058E Benchtop Multimeter
RIGOL DP832 3 channel power supply
RIGOL DG1022Z 25 MHz Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
TENMA 72 series power supply

Other equipment (In picture and not in picture):

Hakko FX-888D soldering iron
SainSmart Genmitsu CNC router 3018-Pro - Modified for PCB Milling
ROBO 3D R1 - 3D printer
SALEAE Logic Pro 16 - Logic Analyzer
DIGILENT Analog Discovery 2 - Portable workbench/prototyping system
DIGILENT Analog Studio - Portable workbench/prototyping system
GREAT SCOTT GADGETS - HackRF One software defined radio (SDR) with Sharebrained PortaPack
TEKTRONIX 7704A - 200 MHz Analog Oscilloscope mainframe system


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